You have always known you were meant for more

More freedom, more impact, more income. More pleasure, more passion, more happiness.
Being more of yourself, experiencing more in the world and living more.
Deeply, fully, passionately.
Oh, yes. You've known this in your bones for a long time.

But this isn't an easy calling

The world isn't always accepting of women who want more.
Along the way, it's easy to get overwhelmed, distracted, and get stuck spinning your wheels.
And it's likely you've felt lonely, disconnected and misunderstood.
It's hard to resist the temptation to settle into mediocrity.

You started your business to make a big difference in the world.

Change minds, change hearts and change lives.
You certainly didn't start your business to end up hating your job.
You didn't forge your own path to become trapped in obligation and sacrifice all your free time.
But if things don't turn around, you're headed towards burn out and losing your way on the path to greatness.

But, darling, we won't be having any of that.

Because you have important work to do in the world.
Your dreams and goals are way too important for you to give up or get lost.
It's time for you to step fully into your power and create the impact and income you desire.
It's time to shine in only the way you can shine in the world.

And I'm here to help you make it all a reality.

I’m Amy Love, a master certified life and business coach and
experienced entrepreneur of nearly twenty years.

I work with women who know they are meant for more to
help them get more of whatever it is they want by:

  • Collaborating on a strategic action plan
  • Cultivating a whatever-it-takes mindset
  • Providing inspired expert guidance and support.

And I do it all with an eye towards creating
more beauty, pleasure and connection in your life.

Because if you aren’t having a lovely life
while running your business,
what are you doing all this for anyway?

So, click here to set up a call with me and we'll figure out how
I can help you on your way to MORE.





Kind Words From Clients:

Deborah Says…

This was a wonderful learning experience. Amy is so informed and so generous in sharing her knowledge. I was really impressed. Thank you Amy (and Matt!)

A Client Says…

Soooooo happy right now!!!!! 
I’ve been getting really clear in my journalling each day, about WHO exactly I wanted and HOLY COW I FOUND HER!!!!!!

Marianne Says…

Working with Amy has been so motivating! Amy has a gift of seeing the global view while really targeting what’s priority in our sessions. She is a woman of many talents. I always feel comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities with her, as she always shows up with such compassion and kindness. If you are looking for down-to-earth inspiration, you’ll find it with Amy.

Jenny Says…

Between raising a family and growing a business, my life gets crazy hectic. And when I felt paralyzed and exhausted, Amy helped me to remove the roadblocks to my success, recapture my inspiration and gain the clarity and accountability I needed most. Her holistic approach streamlined everything and helped me find balance.

Orleatha Says…

Amy is an amazingly seasoned consultant. She helped me create a clear, actionable plan that totally streamlined my business so that I could stop wasting valuable time and money. Not only that but she held me accountable which I loved because that accountability helped me crush blocks that had been in my way forever!

Allison G. Says…

Amy Love, you are AMAZING!!! Exactly what I wanted!!!! Thank you for being soooo on the ball and just knowing what needs to be done next. You are just so onto it all! Now I’m sooo freakin’ efficient!!! Thanks again 🙂

Bethany S. Says…

Amy took the time to help me and answer some of my questions way, way before I was even a client. I bugged her like crazy with questions and she could have easily said to stop, but instead she offered to call and discuss them, and that is when she blew my mind. She’s just amazing, she knows SO much info and has such a tender, kind, serving heart to which I was very attracted to and knew that I would just love working with her.

A Client Says…

I thank the Lord on a regular basis that He allowed me to “find” Amy and we were able to work together. Through Amy’s help, things have improved so much that I am able to live so much more fully and with so much more joy than before. Thank you!!!

Marissa Says…

We needed drastic overhaul…this seemed like the right fit at the right time! We needed rapid & drastic overhaul and that is what Amy did for us! She gave us great guidelines. I feel completely different & committed to our changes!! I thank Amy for her patience, understanding, empathy and support!!

Megan Says…

Amy is incredibly knowledgeable, a business genius. She was very pleasant and tireless throughout the entire time of working together.

Isabel Says…

I met Amy when I was a student. She is incredibly well-educated and in addition to being extremely professional, she has an impressive array of skills – both in the healing arts and in business. Amy is an amazing resource and educator, and truly wants the best for her clients. I am confident that anyone who works with Amy will experience powerful results.

Amanda Says…

Hola! I’m in Mexico now on vacay. It’s so lovely and great! Things have improved a lot since we last spoke. I really went to work and made a lot of improvements with my biz. Still need more clients but I’m working on it. I want another session soon. Thank you so much for the awesome session yesterday. I am really inspired to make some good changes.

Tara Says…

Amy is so knowledgeable, well rounded and thorough! She is very committed and helps others as well!

A Client Says…

I would seriously change nothing about working with Amy. I have worked with her for over 6 months and I don’t have a single complaint. Amy is not the first person I have ever worked with either, I have had a number of different people who I have tried and none have come close to Amy.

A Client Says…

Before working with Amy, I had a number of issues! I’ve had significant improvement working with Amy and continue to gain more as time goes on.

Sue R. Says…

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert! Amy is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. She and I trained together and she already knew more than most of the class then. Her web site is informative, well written and she is very generous with her knowledge. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs help. I have used her services more than once and consult with her regularly.

A Client Says…

Regarding Amy, she is just amazing! She is always so willing to explain anything I don’t understand! She’s super kind and has a huge heart, she’s patient and seriously just over all wonderful. I really trust her and her knowledge is so vast that it’s comforting to know you’re in her hands.

Linda Says…

Amy is incredibly knowledgeable and so generous with sharing her knowledge. I have always kept abreast of many trends, but she has opened my eyes to quite a few new aspects which I intend to incorporate! I feel that I can trust her way of looking at things. In addition her suggestions have made my life so much better.

Erin Says…

Amy has an awesome sense of humor and a great laugh. She responds quickly to my questions, and also explains things very well and very detailed so that everything is easy to understand and apply. I recommend that anyone work with Amy.

Susan B. Says…

Amy Love was a mentor and I found her to be experienced and knowledgeable in areas far beyond our course material. She shares her wisdom by providing her clients advice that is well formulated, accurate and comprehensive. I recommend her highly!

A Client Says…

I have experienced results and feel like we’re trying many new things and I’m learning TONS. Amy shares her knowledge, she is accessible and FUN!